Zoe Conner

loveorland (zoe) - Copy


This island might not be big enough for both of them!

Tabitha is old money. Sean is new.

She has rich family and friends. His circle is small and cobbled together.

She is protective and stubborn. He takes what he wants without apology.

She was raised to be a lady. He acts like a gentleman.

They both have a drive to help people.

They both want the same plot of land on the island.

Toss in meddling sisters and employees, and these two are thrown together—but an emergency creates even more chaos in their persistent attraction.

May the best millionaire win!

Then again, love is priceless…






loveorfame (zoe) - Copy


They met in Paris…

A chance reunion—then he was gone.

Sweet Sabrina loves her quiet island life creating art.

She fell hard for a Hollywood actor.

Was their whirlwind relationship real or a fantasy?

Jason comes back with his entourage…including an ex.

Sabrina is the woman of his dreams but he’s not sure she can handle his celebrity.

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